Thursday, 26 April 2012

ACCU 2012 Making Jenkins Better

Clock skew can be problem in Jenkins with regards to source control/building.

Modify build to integrate better with jenkins too
  • -> to take advantage of exsiting things e.g. graphs of tests
  • plot compiler warnings etc
Add custom job templates for common things. by default gives options for everything under the sun. -> create plugin to fill of everything
-> pull out branches
-> where to deploy to overnight
-> list of current jobs etc

-> add release notes to builds pulled from source control with details from bug tracking system etc. open/completed etc

Plug ins for doing release e.g build number, tag branch, email, deploy

Not radical step - like writing a make file, but for jenkins.

Plugins use maven as config
-> needs to have the jenkins plugin for maven -> pointing at the jenkin ci repositories. see jenkins website

mvn hpi:create

-> groupid of plugin - package name
-> artifact - plugin name

creates in folder <artifact> in current dir
with pom.xml and a src folder with a builder (

mvn hpi:run to run -> spins up jenkins creates a job step "say hello world"

Builders build and run in defined sequence
Publishers publis in whatever sequence jenkins decides internally

Plugin is a package and extensions are within that

publishers are what you write most of as most builders are already written.

When publishing you need to create a build action and add to project.

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